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Frequently Asked

What can I do if my job suddenly disappeared?

The economy today is very unpredictable.  More and more employers are opting out of keeping long-term employees.  This can be stressful not knowing if your job might suddenly disappear tomorrow.  

There are steps you can take now to help in the event that you do need to suddenly seek employment elsewhere.

Will there be stress?   Sure there will, but there are ways to minimize that stress and get you back in the job market and ready for your next adventure.

What is my plan for retirement?

The retirement years can creep up on you quickly.  It’s never too late to plan for your golden years so that you can spend more time enjoying life and less time working for someone else.

Always wanted to travel?  Want a cabin in the woods?  Get the extended family together?  I can help you achieve these goals and much more.

What if something happened to me?

Nobody wants to think about what would happen to their loved ones financially if they suddenly passed away.  Taking steps ahead of time can ensure they will be able to carry on after you are gone.

How will I pay for my children's education?

Higher education is one of the biggest debt builders these days.  People can end up paying off student loans for decades.  I can show you how to get a hold on the debt and squash it fast so you can focus on more important things.